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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mixed Media Background Tutorial ! 4x4 Mini Canvas

 4" x 4" Canvas

Hello friends.  Today I want to share a 4 x 4" canvas with you and a tutorial on how you can create the background and these little tissue paper flowers.  

Don't have time to make one yourself??  I have some of these 4" x 4" canvas' with easel for sale if anyone is interested.  You have a couple of choices for phrases.  1.  Be You,  2. Enjoy LIfe,  3. Live Life with Purpose. 

I was going to open and etsy store, but things have been a little stressful since my mother moved in.  Maybe after we get her settled I can get back to that.  If you are interested in purchasing one, they are $20 plus shipping. You can email me at  

To create the background I used 4 different color acrylic paints and an old credit / gift card.  Basically you squirt a little paint across (horizontally) the canvas then use the card to pull the paint up and down vertically until you get the look you want.  Then turn the canvas and do it the other way if needed.  It just takes practice until you get the look you want.

I started by applying a full coat of the lighter - Tropic Bay Blue with a foam brush.  After that dried I used the technique described above with the darker - Bahama Blue.  Since I only wanted a small amount of the green, I didn't apply as much of that.  

Next I did white and didn't like that look - too much white.

So I added more blue.  Remember you want small amounts of the under coats to show through so that the canvas looks distressed.  So keep layering until you get a look you like.  If you are having a hard time getting that distressed look just by dragging the paint around .... then use a little sand paper (after it is completely dried) to rub off a little of the top layers and reveal some of the layers underneath.

Once you are happy with your background ... distress the edges of the canvas with white paint.

Adhere patterned paper or tissue paper (Pink Paislee - Daily Junque) across the bottom of the canvas as grass.

Distress the background more with a script stamp image.  You can do this by randomly inking a script stamp or use a Rollagraph.  I love the Rollagraph because I have control of rolling just a little of the image and lifting quickly.  If you need a stamp option - then Pink Persimmon sales a great small (ATC size) script image HERE.

Larger images are great for bigger projects, but because this is a 4 x 4" canvas, smaller script will work best because you want that barely there look.  Less is more in this case.  And always practice first on scrap paper.  If your ink is really bold, you may want to stamp a little off and then stamp on the canvas.  If you accidentally apply too much, heat set it and try applying more paint to cover up your script.

I have to tell you creating these little tissue paper flowers took a long time, but I do love them.  I purchased colored tissue paper, but you could always use white and paint them after you have created the flower.  

Depending on how large you want your flowers, and how tightly you twist the tissue paper, the size of the strips you cut may vary.  Any where from 1/2" - 1 1/4" will be good.  After you have cut a strip, twist it vertically so you have a long piece of twisted tissue paper.  Then you want to wrap the strips around in a spiral to create the flowers.  As I'm wrapping, I'm twisting the strip as well.  Not all of mine looked good enough to use and I got faster and better at it the more I made.  I use Aleene's Tachy Glue because it so inexpensive.  I'm sure there are easier ways to do it.  I've seen others use "Glubbers" by Cosmo Cricket and I think you can buy them at Joann's.  But they are probably for larger flowers.

After the glue was dry I sprayed them with spray ink.  I was trying to get some shadowing.  I used spray ink on the yellow and orange because the tissue paper was washed out and I wanted a brighter color.

Next I created teeny-tiny leaves and stems from pattern paper.  I doodled them on and then cut them out.  

Next I figured out placement for each of the flowers and stems.  BEFORE I glued the flowers on, I used a pencil to lightly dash around each flower so I would know where they went and then lifted them off.  Doodle with a black pen using the pencil guidelines.  Now is a good time to go ahead and doodle around the edges of the canvas and along the top of the grass if you want doodle lines.

This is a major tip you have to remember : You have to do any doodling you want to do before you put the oil pastels on.  Pens will not work over the oil pastels.  It could run your pen.

Next I rubbed on oil pastel colors using my finger over the dashed area's.  If you try to do this after you glue the flowers on ... you will have a hard time getting the color right up against the flower.  You want it to look like a halo or shadow coming from behind the flower.

Glue the flowers and just the top of the stem (under the flower) down.  So you leave the stem hanging freely. You want to be able to adhere part of the leaves from behind the stems.  Rub some green oil pastel over the tissue paper grass to add some shadowing.  

Decided where you want your leaves and adhere them.  Adhere stems.  If you want to add green shadow with oil pastel along the stem, it might be easier to add a little before adhering the leaves / stems.  I did rub a little of my green oil pastel on the leaves as well to add some shadow.  Use a black "sketch and wash" pencil to add more shadowing.  These are pencils that apply color and then you can brush a little water over them to smear them around a little.

  Hope you were inspired to give this technique a try!
Have a fabulous week,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pink Persimmon Ensemble!

Good morning card makers.  Today I'm sharing a Pink Persimmon ensemble that is easy to create because it's mostly solid stamping!  So you can whip these out in no time at all.  The part that takes the longest is that little tissue paper ruffle I added, but so worth it if you like that vintage look.  LOVE this tissue paper by  Pink Paislee!!  If you don't want to take the time to create a ruffle (it is a little messy because you get glue all over your fingers), then use a border punch.

Also note that all of the image panels are ATC size!

On the first card, I'm featuring "Scottie Dog".  This set comes with different options for his coat and collar as well as 4 different scottie dog images.  You can check out another card I created using this little guy HERE.   At the bottom of this post HERE.  And 2 ATC's using this little guy HERE.

This card features "Flower Garden".  You can check out another card using "Flower Garden" HERE.  The sentiment is from "Vintage Greetings"

Remember the ATC I posted on Thur??  Well here is what it looks like on a card !  I LOVE this "Small Banner Set".  It has several pattern options that you can choose from for the fla0066gs, or you can just go with a solid color and add some letters.  
You can view another card using "Singing Birds"  HERE.  I also created a couple of ATC's last year using "Singing Birds" HERE.
You can view a layout using "Small Banner"  HERE.

I'm linking this one up to Word Art Wednesday this week, not because I used the word art (you do not have  to), but because my little birdies are singing, almost appearing as if they are shouting joyfully.   If you get a minute, hop over and read about "The Meaning of Joy".

Check out Pink Persimmon stamps HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Project Details 

Card #1
Happy Birthday - 4 ¼” x 4 ¼”
All Stamps : Pink Persimmon "Scottie Dog "  and the solid circle is from "Flower Garden"
Check out Pink Persimmon stamps HERE.
Patterned Paper : Basic Grey  6 x 6 “Basic’s White” paper pad
Tissue Paper : Pink Paislee
Ink :  Palette Orangerie, Chartreuse,  and Claret
Embossing Folder : Cuttlebug “Swiss Dots”

Emboss card front.  Trim cardstock 2 ½” x 3 ½”.  Trim patterned paper slightly smaller.  Stamp images.  Adhere panel to cardstock.  Ruffle tissue paper and adhere to back of panel with a line of Tacky White Glue (Aleene’s).  Adhere panel to card front with adhesive pop dots.

Card #2

Thank You - 4 ¼” x 4 ¼”
All Stamps : Pink Persimmon "Flower Garden"
Check out Pink Persimmon stamps HERE.
Patterned Paper : Basic Grey  6 x 6 “Basic’s White” paper pad
Tissue Paper : Pink Paislee
Copic Markers
Embossing Folder : Cuttlebug “Swiss Dots”

Emboss card front.  Trim cardstock 2 ½” x 3 ½”.  Trim patterned paper slightly smaller.  Stamp images.  Color images with markers.  Stamp sentiment.  Embellish with buttons.  Adhere panel to cardstock.  Ruffle tissue paper and adhere to back of panel with a line of Tacky White Glue (Aleene’s).  Adhere panel to card front with adhesive pop dots.

Card #3
Tweet Tweet - 4 ¼” x 4 ¼”
All Stamps : Pink Persimmon "Small Banner Set" and "Singing Birds"
Check out Pink Persimmon stamps HERE.
Patterned Paper : Basic Grey  6 x 6 “Basic’s White” paper pad
Tissue Paper : Pink Paislee
Ink :  Palette Orangerie, Chartreuse,  and Claret
Copic Markers
Embossing Folder : Cuttlebug “Swiss Dots”

Emboss card front.  Trim cardstock 2 ½” x 3 ½”.  Trim patterned paper slightly smaller.  Stamp banner images, trim, polk holes in corners, and string.  Layout banner and then stamp birds / sentiment.  Color birds and then adhere banner to panel.  Adhere panel to cardstock.  Ruffle tissue paper and adhere to back of panel with a line of Tacky White Glue (Aleene’s).  Adhere panel to card front with adhesive pop dots.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mixed Media : Creative Dreams Art Journal Cover

Hello mixed media lovers.  Today I'm sharing the cover of my "Creative Dreams" art journal.  I've shared some of the pages from inside it in the past.   I finally finished the cover.  I'm really into these colors right now.  These are the colors I"m using  to decorate my studio right now and this book is sitting up on one of the shelves.

You can view all my mixed media journal pages HERE.  I have more pages started, just need to finish them up and will share later.

I started by covering the outside of the book with gesso.  The background was created by adding paint (aqua and green) and gesso til I got a distressed look that I liked.  

I LOVE using tissue paper in my art work.  I used some green polka dot tissue paper by Pink Paislee across the bottom.  I used yellow and pink tissue paper but didn't have any orange, so I sprayed white tissue paper.    I cut strips of each color, then rolled them horizontally, and then twisted each strip.  Then I used white glue and wrapped the twisted strips into circles to create the flowers. 

The stems and leaves were hand cut from green patterned paper.    I used a Sketch and Wash pencil to distress / add shading around outside edges of leaves, stems and some of the flowers.   I used a oil pastel crayons by Crayola.  I use the really cheap ones,  from Hobby Lobby, and I have a 24 ct Portfolio set as well.  They run about $10 and I ordered mine online from Amazon.  I used them to add shading to the leaves and on the background around the flowers.  You have to do your doodling (Pilot G-2 07 - Walmart) before using the oil pastels.  

"Creative" - I used a stencil
"Dreams" - rub-ons
"Dream Big"  - hand written, inspired by a doodling online class I took from Stephanie Ackerman

Inside pages
I adhere 4 or more pages together with gesso.  Then gesso all the pages and inside cover front and back.
The gesso is wet so the pages warp a little, but it's an altered journal, and I thing that just gives it character.

Some of the pages peel apart a little using the gesso to adhere them together.  Again, I like that look, so I don't worry about it.  

I have also started another one by altering a calender book.  I will share that one in the future as well.

I want to tell you about a new (looks like it started up in April)  blogozine I found that has lots of Mixed Media / Altered type projects and posts with technique tutorials.  Looks like they are hosting 2 challenges a month.  You can find them by clicking on the RAQ 1 and RAQ 2 tabs along the top of the blog.  And if you like to right "articles", then it looks like they have calls as well.  You can find out more about becoming a contributor to their blogozine HERE.  I love monthly challenges because it gives me lots of time to plan.  I'm off to work on my scrapbook project for RAQ 2 !!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Fabulous Mixed Media Classes I have taken

Christy Tomlison - She Art 44.95
She Art 2  $44.99
Your Living Canvas $109  (purchased this one, but haven't had time to watch it yet)
Junelle Jacobson - The Art of Wild Abondonment  $44.99
Roben-Marie Smith - Art Journal Conversion $24.99
Stephanie Ackerman - Doodle, Too!  $35
Sue Pelletier - Burlap and Paper Clay $35



4 Crafty Chicks (thur) - circles
Paperplay (thur) - recycle (I used and old book to create my altered journal)
Wags and Whiskars (fri) - favorite color combo (this is my favorite color combo right now.  I'm actually creating an entire shelf of altered items for a shelf in my studio using these colors!)
2 Sisters (sat) -  In the Garden
Unruly Paper Arts (monthly) - Dear Diary (this is the cover of an Altered Joural)
Catered Crop (sun) - distressed ( I used ink, paint, and a Sketch and Wash pencil to achieve my distressed look on the cover of this altered journal / book)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mixed Media : Altered Stamp Blocks

3 Houses
Last post I shared with you that I remove the rubber images from the wooden stamp blocks and remount them on cling so I can organize all my stamps in notebooks by catagory.  Well over the years I have saved up various sizes of the wooden blocks with the plan to re-purpose them into little works of art.  This is my fourth altered stamp block project.  There is a link at the bottom of the post, if you would like to check out the other 3.

I started with 6 rectangular stamp blocks.  3 for the bases and 3 for the roofs.  I had my husband cut 3 of the rectangular blocks into triangles to create my roofs.  Next I  spray painted the blocks.  I adhered the roofs on with Aleene's Tachy Glue.  The flower centers were made with clay and tissue paper.  I shaped a round disc with a dip in the middle from air-dry paper clay.  After dried, I wrapped it with tissue paper.

If you are interested in buying a set like this, email me.  ( .

I couldn't find enough coordinating pattern paper in my stash, so I decided to create my own "text" patterned paper using a font that looks like it came from a typewriter.  Read more about how I created my "text" patterned paper below.  I used a free download from called "Mom's Typewriter".

Creating your own text patterned paper
I had saved a list of quotes I found here and there that I thought would look good on ATC's or other Mixed Media projects and I just typed those up and then repeated them.  After printing my "text" patterned paper, I sprayed it with Krylon's Matte Finish "Workable Fixative".  Not sure I even needed it.  Heat setting with my heat tool may have been enough, but I was in a hurry and didn't want to risk the ink smearing.  I use Epson ink.    I used as little water as possible to add color.  I used Neocolor Watercolor Crayons for the pink and blue, and some Loew-Cornell watercolor paint for the yellow.  Doesn't matter what you use, those just happened to be the water color mediums that coordinated with the other ink / patterned paper colors I was using.  After the paper was dry, I cut pieces to fit my roofs.  I punched some circles from a sheet that was not colored, positioning the punch to focus on specific words.  Then I colored around the words and doodled.

You can view all of my Altered Projects HERE.
You can check out all of my Altered Stamp Block projects HERE.
You can check out all my Mixed Media style projects HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you are inspired to alter some stamp blocks of your own!
hugs, Melisa

This project was select as a trigger target over at Moxie Fab!!




Moxie Fab - Hope this one is ok Cath.  I used a typewriter font to create my own patterned paper.

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Stamp Credits

House #1
Doily's - My Mind's Eyes
Butterflies on roof  - Hampton Arts
2 blue butterflies - Cornish Heritage Farms

House #2
Collage with butterfly - Hampton Arts
Key - Lost Coast Designs
Measuring Tape - Paper Artsy

House #3
Lock - Lost Coast Designs
Butterfly - Layers of Color

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