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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone.  I hope everyone is stayin' warm and having a Merry time!
I'm trying to stay cool, running the air conditioner.  The high yesterday was supposed to be 78.  I'm not sure about today.  I hate it when it's warm at Christmas.  But I'm very happy to have my daughter visiting from Florida and we are having a wonderful time.  We are getting some baking and crafting done.  We are in search of the perfect scone recipe, and so far have tried out 4.  The gingerbread is my favorite so far.  I think there is a Canasta showdown coming in the next day or two.  It can get pretty ugly when the four of us play a game ...  pray for us, Ha!  Then we will start cooking on Christmas Eve and attend a candlelight service at church that night.  I hope all of you are enjoying your families with your own special activities!

Today is my last post of the year and I have a Christmas card to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

All of the stamps are Layers of Color : Poinsettia cling art stamp, Acanthus Leaves and Touch of Elegance art stamp sets.  Many of the 2010 cling art stamps are compatible with Spellbinders Label 14 or 16.  You can check out the Boutique here:

Some of the other Layers of Color Design Team Members have done the same, so feel free to hop over and check out their well wishes as well!

Diana,  Grace,   Janice,  Jennie,  Linda,  Nina,  
Layers of Color Blog

And ... make sure you are back with us in January, because Layers of Color has New Releases!!  I'm so excited and you will love these stamp sets.  Some of them are designed by Nina Brackett!

You can keep up with the latest Layers of Color news on Facebook as well :

Layers of Color has some AWESOME guest designers lined up for 2011.  You can follow them every Wednesday on the Layers of Color Blog.  LOC will continue with their wonderful Faith Art post every Friday in 2011 as well.

Thanks so much to all of you who have followed me, encouraged me, stalked me ...  all of it!  2010 was an exciting year for me in this crafty world and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!

And lastly I leave you with this lovely Christmas poem that expresses the true meaning of Christmas :

Tenderly she held her Baby,
And looked at Him with love.
Her heart was filled with wonderment,
about her Christ child from above.
This truly was the Son of God
was what the Angel told.
Her tiny Baby full of grace,
such a wonder to behold.

She thought of what His life would bring,
He was born to set us free.
But she only saw her infant Son,
As a Mothers love would see.
The shepherds came, the wise men too,
To praise His Holy name.
She sat in awe, and held her Child,
While those to worship came.

She must have wondered why God's Son
was born to her this day.
She wanted so much to be worthy,
as she bowed her head to pray.
Mary wrapped her robe a little closer,
around her new born Son.
The chill of this old stable,
must not touch the chosen one.

It was a humble birth,
But a King was born that day.
He came to pay the price for us,
and wash our sins away.

You can find this poem and lots of other fun Christmas info here:

See ya next year!

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