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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Digital Two For Tuesday

Good afternoon friends!  I don't usually post twice in one day, but I wanted to share with you a call for guest designers over at "Digital Two for Tuesday".  You can read more about it HERE.  

**** Update ****
Cora says she has filled all the guest designer positions for 2012

The blog is ran by Cora Hawkins and she is very talented at taking old images from vintage magazines and books and turning them into digital stamps that the rest of us can design with.  And all the images are FREE!  I can only imagine how much time Cora spends sharing these images on here "Digital Two for Tuesday" challenge blog and on her personal blog "Clearly Vintage" for the rest of us to use.  The only thing she ask is that you not share the actual image anywhere else and that if you post it somewhere, link to her blog.   If you get a minute, hop on over and check out the blog.

Aren't these some of the sweetest images ????  Doesn't it make you want to stop what your doing  and sit down and color???   Well ..... I guess that depends on what your doing, teehee.  I'm cooking dinner and doing some ironing.

Today I am sharing cards I created in the past using some of Cora's images.

 I don't have time to look up all the individual links for each specific image, however you can check out the previous post for these and should find the links there.  HERE.

The post for this floral card comes with a step by step tutorial on how to print the image directly on the front of a card, no cutting or adhering.  You just print, fold, color, punch the border if you like and add a bow!
Clean and Simple!

Had to get up at 4am for CPR class this morning and back to work tomorrow and friday.  So I better get off here and finish up my day.  My Tempur-Pedic mattress is calling my name!  I LOVE my mattress!

I hope you all have a wonderful night!
Hugs,  Melisa

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Designing with Vintage Digital Images / Stamps

I am so excited to be a Guest designer for Digital Two For Tuesday today.
As I have mentioned before I LOVE Cora's vintage images and today's post is no exception.
I haven't spent alot of time designing with images of children, so it was fun to do something diffenrent.  I would love to have you join me for this challenge.  To play along, hop over to Digital Two For Tuesday, download these  images and join me this week.  The images are free.  After you have created your project, post a link in the comments section, and I will check them out.  I can't wait to see what others come up with!   Cora just ask that you not post the actual images anywhere else and that you give her credit when you post you project.  She spends alot of time shopping for and repairing these images for us to use. 

You can find these images to copy and print HERE.

Wanna see what other projects I have created with Cora's free digi's??   Click HERE.

Thanks for looking!


Project Details

Card #1

She has some really cool products that I REALLY need to add to my stash!
Colorization : Copics
Ribbon : Antique shop
Charm : local Stamp Store - A Small Cleverness

Card #2
Patterned Paper : old My Minds Eye from 2008
(Yep, I'm using up my stash and lovin' it!!)
Border Punch : EK Success
Colorization : Copics
Shirt and socks, blocks : light red : R32 and then combine with R27 for shading (use R32 to pick up a little R27 from a plastic surface, or try tip to tip)
Collar, sleeves, shorts red : R27
blue shirt and blocks: BG0000, then combine with BG72 for shading  (use BG000 to pick up a little of BG72 from a plastic surface) 
yellow collar, shorts, blocks :  YR31 and then combine with Y26 as described above for shading
green blocks, bunny jacket : YR31 and then YG91.  The color in the paper was a weird greenish yellow that I just had to play with to get a shade that matched.  I added a little brown on the jacket when I was distressing the project using my eye shadow applicator and my palette burnt umber
skin : E50, E000, R00
brown hair : E35, E37, E29
blond hair :  I can't remember, sorry.
bunny : E41, picked up a little E35 to shade

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Designing with Vintage Digital Images / Stamps

Well after creating like a mad women, ignoring everything else, and posting everyday last week, I found myself feeling overwhelmed by emails and other real life stuff that had to be taken care of by Sunday.  I was in a funk for a couple of days, so I started blog hopping tonight, checking out challenges, searching for inspiration.  And then, there they were ...  these 2 sweet little girls.  I found them on Cora's "Digital Two for Tuesday" Blog and I immediately was inspired to print them and color. 

Isn't it funny what each of us are inspired by and right now, at this point, there is just something about those vintage images that is calling my name, teehee.  And they are free, that helps too!  I am on an extremely tight budget so I think that's why I creating more with digitals right now.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my rubber and clear stamps, and if I had the money would be loading up on them, but alas, real life doesn't always work out that way.  So for now the digi's are getting me through.  Thank you Cora!! 

You can find this image to copy and print HERE.

I love it when Cora tells us where the images are from too.  This one is from a book written in 1900's.  There is just something soooo cool about knowing that someone so long ago sat down and put their heart into their art,  that it was preserved until now, and that we can still enjoy what was their passion so many years ago, making it a part of what we love to do. 

Wanna see what other projects I have created with Cora's free digi's??   Click HERE.

have a great day!  Melisa


Project Details

DP : K&Company 6"x6" Paper pad
Flower : Prima
Ribbon : found in an antique store
Deckled scissors

Copic Markers : 
Green - G21, BG34
Blue - B41, B34, B29
Browns - Hat E31, E35, E59
Hair - E35, E37, E59
Skin - E50, E000, YR000

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Designing with Vintage Digital Images / Stamps

One of my goals this year was to try to do some "Clean and Simple" style cards.  This style is not always easy for me, but when I seen last weeks image over at "Digital Two For Tuesday", I was inspired that I could do it using this gorgeous image.  Cora works hard finding vintage images, repairing them and posting them for others to use for their personal use.  These images are free and the only thing she ask is that you not post the image for others to download anywhere else.  Please refer them to her site.  She post 2 vintage images every Tuesday on the Digital Two For Tuesday Challenge Blog, and then she post more "bonus" images on her personal blog on Saturdays.  She also sells a few Vintage Clear Stamp Sets in her Etsy Store.  I recieved my first set this week and loved creating my first project and can't wait to use the other images in this set.  I will post all of her links for you further down.

You can copy and print out this image HERE.

So lets get on with today's tutorial for this particular image.
Go to Digital Two For Tuesdays Blog.
Right click on the image.
Click "Save picture as"
Save to a folder that you can find easily.  I save my free digital downloads in one file labeled "Digital Downloads",  then I create files within this one that are labeled per the site I found them because I want to be able to give proper credit if I use them later.  So this one is saved in a file names "Digi 2 4 Tues".  This where I save all of Cora's wonderful images that I choose to download.

Now open up a word document.
Select File, then Page Set up.
Enter the following Settings : top - 0.5, bottom - 1, left - 0.5, right - 0.5, header - 0, footer - 0, Orientation - Landscape.Select OK after you have done this.  A message box will pop up telling you that one of your margins is outside the printable area and ask if you would like to continue.  Select yes.

Now you are on your document page.  Select "Insert", "Picture", and the "from a file".
Now find your file.  "Insert" it in the document.  It will appear very large with a box around it and "handles" at each corner.  Move your mouse pointer to the bottom right corner, hold down the left click button and drag the corner up and to the left, reducing the size.  Reduce it till the right side of the box is aligned at the 4.5" mark.  This is what centers it on your card.  So now the left side of  the box should be aligned with 0 and the right side with 4.5.  If your box disappears, just click on the center of the image and it will reappear again. 
Later we will be cutting our paper at the 5" marker.  Now you need to click you mouse pointer to the side of the image so that your curser appears, hit the space bar til the curser arrives at the 5.5" mark to create some space between image 1 and image 2.  Right Click on the image and copy, then paste.  It will appear huge again.  Grab the bottom right handle again and reduce the size and the document will automatically move it up to the spot where you left your curser.  Now resize the image as you did before until the left side is align with the 5.5" mark and the right side is aligned with the 10" mark. 

Now you have aligned your images horizontally to create 2 cards.  It's time to align them vertically.This one is easy once you move your curser all the way back over to the far left of image 1.  Sometimes that is a little tricky since the image is right up against that spot.  I have accidently deleted my image before while trying to do it, but then you just select "Edit" and "Undo" and you are back in business.  This is actually the hardest part of the whole process, teehee.  I just keep clicking in different spots until the large curser appears to the left of the image.  If you click and it blacks out the images (selecting both of them), or the box appears around image 1, then click below it to clear that and try again til you find that sweet spot that gives you the huge curser. 

Once you have the curser set to the left of image 1, you just hit enter till you get all the way to the bottom of the page.  I usually just hit it till it goes all the way to page 2 and the backspace once and I know I'm as far down as I can go for that page.You are ready to print!

I print mine on thick cardstock, Papertrey Ink because I like the weight and my copics blend best on it.  But you do whatever you like.  I do go to "Properties" when the printer box comes up, and select the heavy weight setting.  As I have said before, I use an Epson and do not have any problem with my ink bleeding with Copics or Prismacolor pensils and OMS, unless I scrub really hard.  I have a friend who finally gave up on printing her digis on her HP and finally bought a cheap Epson just for that.  She said sometimes the HP ink worked ok with her HP and sometimes it ran.  I do not know how other printer inks work and would LOVE to here feedback from others and put some data together on this. 

Once you have printed your card, place the paper horizontially on your paper cutter and cut the paper down the center at the 5.5" point.  Now you have 2 cards.  Turn each card and score/fold at the 4.25" mark (center).  Use your favorite border punch to decorate the front edge.  Color your image.  I used Copics and then some shimmer chalk in the background.  It's a very light pink so I didnt' have to worry about getting it on the green and could get into all those little spaces. Add your favorite sentiment if you wish.  Mine will probably end up being another birthday card, since I am sending out so many this year.  Secure a piece of ribbon!!

Ok so the instructions are long, but trust me you can whip these up really fast.  I just went into alot of detail for beginners!  Wouldn't a make a nice note card gift set!! 

I would love to hear if this tutorial was helpful and if you used it.  Tutorial do take alot of time to post and it encourages me to take the time to do them if I know someone is actually using them. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Designing with Vintage Images / Stamps

Do you love vintage images??

Well then you want to check out the Digital Two for Tuesdays Challenge Blog.
Cora loves them and she spends time searching for them, repairing them and then sharing them with the rest of us.  Cora uploads 2 images weekly and challenges us to use one of them.  It's free to download them, and use them for your personal use.  Cora just trust that you will not post the image anywhere else and that you will link back to her since she is the owner of the image.  I played along one other time and created the Snowman project at the bottom.

Here are 2 cards using this weeks image and  one of last weeks images.
Cora also sells some really great vintage stamps.  I just ordered a set from her Etsy store and I can't wait to get them!  Here is a link to her ETSY STORE.

You can find the image on card #1 to copy and print HERE.
You can find the image on card #2 to copy and print HERE.

I used Epson ink to print these and then colored with my Copics without any problems.

This one I posted in my March of the Snowmen Blog Hop.  So you may remember it from there.  The image was posted on Digital Two For Tuesday back on December 1.

Wanna see what other projects I have created with Cora's free digi's??   Click HERE.

You can view more of my Vintage / Shabby projects HERE.
You can view more of my Winter projects HERE.
You can veiw more of my Corrugated Cardboard projects HERE.
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