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Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm so excited!  Last week I started a new online class through Scarlett Lime called "The Art of Wild Endangerment".  I'm loving it so far.  It's actually an art journal class taught primarily by Junelle Jacobsen.  Christy post video's on wednesdays with her version of whatever Junelle teaches us and adds lots of tips and inspiration from her point of view as well.   I'm not so much into journaling so I almost passed it up.  But I'm glad I didn't.  Junelle is so much fun and I love her whimsical/fun sketching and doodling.  Junelle sketches things that surround her (like the sheep that she adores on their farm) or that are meaningful to her in some way, into a sketch book as she is inspired.  And then she uses thoses sketches to create mixed media art in an altered book. 

I was so inspired last week that I picked up a mixed media journal and decided to give it a try.  So while my daughter was shopping and trying on clothes, I was searching around the clothing stores for inspiration to sketch.  It was a lot of fun!  Probably because I am not much of a shopper, teehee.  So I found several idea's that inspired me.  We went in one clothing store and they had a huge bird cage (flat) hanging on the wall with photo's clipped onto it.  So above is my first page.  It's no Van Gogh mind you, but the process was sooooo much fun.  And Junelle is right.  There is inspiration all around us!  I don't have an altered book to put my art in yet and honestly, I may just stick with this little mixed media journal for a while.  Just sketching it and adding some watercolor was a joyful process for me.   Plus I'm in the middle of learning to oil paint, and I have 3 mixed media canvas started already to match my spring bird houses.  I'm stuck though.  I haven't decided on the journaling on them yet.  There will definitely be butterfly's though!  I took step by step photo's of the background process though and will share whenever they are finished. 
Aren't those little clothes pins cute!  The are from my Pink Persimmon "Baby Clothesline".  I stamped the 2 little birds as well.  My mixed media journal is Strathmore's "Visual Journal".  I picked mine up at Michaels.  So if you have ever been interested in giving mixed media a try, then you might enjoy this class or one of the other Scarlett Lime Classes HERE.

Another great source for mixed media video's is Donna Downey.  She post free weekly video's on her blog as well as some classes you can take. 
Cloth, Paper, Scissors offers a few free video's HERE.  They have video classes available for purchase as well HERE.
Shabby Cottage Studio has online classes HERE.  

If you know where to find more mixed media / collage e-courses, I'd love to know.

Hope you are enjoying your monday!

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