Stephanie Ackerman's BLOG

I love reading Stephanie Ackerman's blog and I'm so excited that she is doing more classes now.  I love her HE-art, and how she shares part of her christian walk.  She is a wonderful testimony and encouragement to other Christian artist.  

I took her "Doodle, Too!" HERE class a while back and then in December did her "Handmade for the Holiday's" Class HERE.  Her style leans toward the Tim Holtz style and she used a lot of his products.  I love how she always works a heart into her project!

Stephanie Ackerman's latest class is called "52 Card Pickup".  You can check it out HERE.  Can't wait to check it out!


Roben-Marie Smith's BLOG

This class is definitely my FAVORITE mixed media class I have taken so far.  I had used all of the mediums before, but it was the way that Roben-Marie shows you how to layer them that create this fabulous dreamy background that I love.  LOVE it!!  

Here is a project I was inspired to create during Roben-Marie's class :


Junelle Jacobsen's BLOG

I LOVE this sweet girl!!  And I'm glad she is doing more classes as well.  I took "The Art of Wild Abandonment"  class a while back and LOVED how she includes the cutest little sketches and doodles in her projects.  I had never tried sketching before and was surprised that I really enjoyed it.  Junelle draws a lot of inspiration from nature (she lives on a farm).  I have not had a chance to take "The Art of Wild Abandonment 2" yet.  She has a new Spring Class starting up in March, "The Art of Spring".

Here is one of the projects I was inspired to create during Junelle's class :


Christy Tomlison's BLOG

What a cutie patootie she is!!  Love her!  I took her original "She Art" class and loved it.  Christy has since offered lots of other online classes and you can check them all out HERE.  

Christy's not afraid to get a little messy and when you take one of her classes you will want to jump into it and make your own mess!   Another great thing about Christy is that she has her own Mixed Media Store "Scarlett Lime".   Each month she offers a mixed media kit and then shares a video with a project for that kit on her blog.  

Here is what I was inspired to create during Christy's "She Art" class :


Sue Pelletier's BLOG

Sue has her own style and creates a lot of her art using clay and or plaster.  So she definitely has something different to offer than all the other gals I listed above.  I took her "Paper, Burlap, and Clay" class HERE.  I LOVED seeing how she incorporated these mediums into her projects.  My project didn't turn out anything like her's but I was inspired to create this :

Check out some step by step photo's of my project HERE.

She has another class over at "Creative Workshops" that involves plaster and doll dresses.  I REALLY want to take that one.  Check it out HERE.


You can check out my mixed media projects with tutorials HERE.
You can check out my other mixed media post HERE.

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