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Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't go breakin' my heart ....

Wanna know how to break my little artsy heart???  Issue a "cardboard" challenge for the summer issue, and then don't publish my little Under The Sea art piece.  :  (     I don't usually whine or complain on my blog, I save that for DH, ha!  But Stampers Sampler has broken my heart.  It's a day like this that makes you want to throw in the towel and stop submitting.  What I am more upset about is that I sent them $10 to mail this and 3 other cards back and they haven't!  I worked hard on this, and I hope it didn't end up in a trash can somewhere.

But I want give up!  I love their challenges and template challenges and they really spark my creativity so I will push on!  And I have to say that the June / July issue is OUTSTANDING!  Even if you don't want to buy it.  Stop by a nearby Michaels or Barnes and Noble and check it out.  The hot air balloon template projects are AMAZING!  What creativity!   And of course I love all the cardboard art.  I saw 1 name I recognized.  This chick is an outstanding mixed media artist.  I wanna be just like her when I grow up!

If this issue inspires you to create something using cardboard then I would love to have you add it to my Flickr group HERE.
Need more inspiration ??? 
You can check out more of my cardboard art HERE.

Project Details

Ink - VersaFine Onyx Black, Brilliance Pearlescent Chocolate both by Tsukineko.
Corrugated Cardboard.
Pumus - Golden.
Crackle Paint - Ranger
Acrylic Paint - Making Memories.
Tuelle - Bazzill.
Raffia, hemp and shell fiber - local craft store
Clear pebble embellishment - Making Memories

Cut corrugated cardboard to size and tear away some area’s to expose the ripples.
I started out applying some vintage music paper but it was eventually layered over
and now you can only see hints of it (The Etude at the top).  Apply acrylic paint (mine
is watered down so that it is a little transparent). Apply pumus (it’s this wonderful sand
like product you can find I the artist section of local craft store) with a palette knife.
Pumus is grey in color, but you can mix it with paint. I used a beige color. After dry,
apply crackle paint. Add brown ink. Stamp images and trim. Stamp sentiment and
trim with Spellbinders die, then ink edges. Cover back of project with white paper.
Wrap with fibers and adhere clear pebble to center of knot. Adhere sentiment
and images. Add a cardboard frame stand to the back so you can display it
on a table top.

Have a blessed weekend!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Be still and know that I am God

Hello Papercrafters.  Recently I had the pleasure of creating a project for Faith Art Friday over at the Layers of Color blog.  The verse I selected to focus on is "Be still, and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10.
I wrote this over  a week or so ago, and had no idea how quickly my life would change and how I would need to be reminded of this as well.  We have had some family issues that have been very upsetting this week.   So after a momentary emotional break down, I drew near to God, knowing that it was the only way I could have peace regarding this problem.  Believing that my God loves me and will be with me no matter how difficult life becomes.  I hope that this is a verse that you can fall back on as well when times of trouble come in your life.  If you are in the mist of troubled times as we speak, please email me,  I would love to pray for you.

While this verse was written in reference to a time of war as the Kingdom of David was being established, it is applicable to our everyday lives as well. To “be still” means to cause yourself to let go or become weak. So that He can work. In the face of life problems, how many of us try to “fix it” ourselves, without taking the time to go to God in prayer first. I know that I have. Many of us want to be in control of our lives and work hard at manipulating things to obtain the outcomes we desire. But by doing so, we prevent God from working in our lives, and receiving the honor and glory He desires.
Have you ever wondered how you would respond in the face of tragedy as a Christian? I have. In my life I have not had to deal with the fear, loss, pain and suffering that many have … and I wonder if my response would be one that would bring honor and glory to my God. Events of this past month around the world have broken my heart to hear about, and made me pause and wonder how I would have responded in these circumstances.
Sometimes we need to get out of Gods’ way. Let Him work. How do we do this? By knowing who He is. How do we reach a point in our spiritual growth that we can “be still” in the face of tragedy? By knowing who He is. How do we deal with the grief of loosing a child or loved one? By knowing who He is. How do we obtain peace in a time where others are falling apart? By knowing who He is.
How do we know who He is?? By knowing His history, His word, His promises. This knowledge gives us everything we need to face what life will bring us and an assurance that our God is in control, and if we get out of His way, He will do the work.  Then what will be left for us to do??   … the easy part … singing His praises!

Project Details
This one is another piece of corrugated cardboard art.  I really LOVE working with this stuff.  The idea for this one was to create a project large enough to have framed and hang on a wall.  This project is 9 1/2" x 12"  and doesn't look so dark in real life.
My bedroom is in green and brown so this will be perfect to frame and hang in there.  Thankfully DH gave me the thumbs up!  He doesn't usually ooh and ahhh over my projects, but he did on this one.

I already had the center panel completed.  This is a result of sitting down one day and spraying Glimmer Mist and adding ink to a pile of panels for future use.  I used Gothic Crosses from Layers of Colors.  I LOVE this set!  I used Eclipse Masking Tape to layer the images.  If you are not familiar with masking then scroll down to the bottom of post for instructions.  The verse is a digital image by Nina Brackett from SquiggleflySpellbinders die - Labels Five
 I began with my corrugated cardboard, tearing away pieces of the top layer to expose the ripples underneath.  I layed the right lower corner and left upper corner torn patterned paper and center panel over it to help me decide where to tear and balance it.  I never know which direction I will go and just continue to add and layer things until I get a look I like.  Don't be afraid to just start slapping it on.  It's just a peice of cardboard, and it is so easy to start all over again if you don't like it.  Usually there is some type of patterned paper barely peeking through, because my original intention is to have it on the project, but by the time I'm done, it has been mostly covered.  Take a look at the left upper corner and you can see some music notes peeking through.

After tearing away some of the top layer, I add acrylic pain
t.  Usually 2-3 colors.  I already had the brown to accentuate the inside of the ripples, so I mostly added white and a tan colors along the top, as well as some green Glimmer Mist here and there.  Next I added white crackle paste with a palette knife. Not as much as usual, but you can see it allong the edges.  Remember the thicker the crackle paste, the larger the cracks.  I found a new crackle paste because those little bottles by Ranger can get pricey, and I wanted something more readily available since I love using it.  Mine is by DecoArt and can be found at Micheals.  It comes is a 10oz container versus the little 1oz by Ranger. 

I wanted to add more texture and I had picked up some doilies at a local antique store recently.  I LOVE lace, so what better way to enjoy it than to include it on a wall project!   The rest is pretty easy to create looking at the photo's.

I hope this little tutorial inspires you to create some of your own backgrounds.  If you do, shoot me an email.  I would love to check it out.
I hope you have a crafty day!

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Masking Tutorial

If you are new to stamping, you may not know what masking is.  It is simple the covering up of an area the you want to stamp over, but only want the image to appear around the masked image.  So in this case I stamped the center portion of the cross first onto my project.  Then stamping it again onto another piece of paper.  Cut the second one out creating a mask to cover up the image on your project.  I use Eclipse Masking tape because it is lightly sticky (like a post it note) on the back.  Sometimes Post-it notes will work.  But only a small portion is sticky.  Post-it notes are pretty expensive, to I looked at the Eclipse tape as an investment long term.  It has lasted me a long time and I love that it stays put while I"m stamping over it with the second image.

Lay your mask over the same image on your project.  Now stamp the background image over it.

And that's how you get that great layered look!

This is just one technique for masking.  It is used with brayering as well.  And I'm sure other ways I am not even aware of.  I have tried masking fluid and didn't like it.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Layers of Color New Release Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the Layers of Color first ever Cling Art Stamp Release Blog Hop! We have so much to be excited about at Layers of Color!  Red Rubber on cling.... we're lovin it!  If you got here from the Layers of Color Blog, you are in the right place! If not, you want to be sure to start there so you read all about the release, and the Two New Release Prize Drawings!
Ladies these prizes are fabulous!  And if you don't win with today's hop, then no worries.  Laura, LOC owner is giving away more prize packages in October!  I will be posting more LOC new release projects and info on how you can win for the next couple of saturdays!  You can also follow the LOC blog for details.
So here is my first project.  This is a shabby art piece I can hang on the wall.  I used the Cottage Rose cling art stamp and Flutterescent art stamps on this one.  Cottage Rose is 4 1/2 x 5".  It's absolutely gorgeous!

 The verse is a digital by Nina Brackett. You can check out all of Nina's awesome digi's along with Laura's over at Squigglefly.

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Look at all the detail in this rose!  It's gorgeous!!
I added stickles to the rose and butterflies.

I had so much fun making the background.  I started by tearing away some of the top layer of the corrugated cardboard to reveal some of the ridges.  Then I started layering acrylic paint and crackle paint.  This background makes me so happy.  I love the texture and distressed look!

And here is project #2
One of the reason's I'm so excited about this release is that some of the stamps are compatible with SPELLBINDERS!!!  Whoot!!  See the frame below, it's called Victorian Frame cling art stamp.  And I'm in love with it.  It is compatible with Spellbinders Labels #14.

I also used Nature Walk and Butterfly Collector art stamp sets.

I have updated all the links directly to the post, so just click on the name to check out all the other artist!!
Melisa (your here)
Discover dozens of stunning new release artwork samples in the new Layers of Color Cling Art Galleries HERE.

And you can get you Layers of Color stamps in the Boutique HERE

My Layers of Color Art Gallery is HERE.

And If you'd like to visit with other Layers of Color fans and be inspired both creatively and spiritually, please stop by our forum on SNR! We have a group that's like family!

Good Luck with drawing!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

FCD - Forgive Me Project #2

I think that I mentioned last week that Pamela gave me the FCD Stamp Set "Forgive Me" to work with this month.   I love it!  And I decided to REALLY get my hands messy this week.

It's been a while since I sat and just made my own background panels.  I made them in several colors today.  I set these panels aside for future use.  I love texture and doing this gives me a break from working with patterned paper and gives my pieces a more distressed look.  Here is a close-up.

I started with watercolor paper I cut into 4.5" x 6" panels (it was sold 9 x 12").  I pulled out some vintage paper from an 1920's music magazine.  It includes some actual music pages and some article pages.  Next I gathered glazes (translucent paint) and crackle paint.  I have a few Golden Glazes I learned about taking a local class, but once I found out I could mix my own, I stopped buying them.  There is an acrylic glazing medium (also made by Golden) you can purchase to mix with inexpensive acrylic paint and this is a much cheaper way to go.  I glued my vintage paper over the watercolor paper then began brushing the glazes on.  The glazes have a longer "open" time, so you can use a paper towel to wipe it off if needed.  Why a glaze?  Because it allows part of what is under it to show through (the vintage paper) and enable you to build a collage.  Then I applied a coordinating color of crackle paint.  I'm very impatient, so I used a blow dryer to speed along the drying processs and this gave me some control of keeping the paper flat.  (the ones I left unattended roled up as the crackle medium dryed).  Then I set the panels aside for future use.  I can layer on more paper, paint, or ink when I begin to design the project.  You may remember me mentioning that I had done this process before but threw the panels in the bottom of a tall box and sprayed with Glimmer Mist (I usually start by brushing on a color first), sprinkles on distress embossing powder, while they were still wet, and then heat embossed.  I added a little crackle paint to some of these as well.  I have had alot of fun using them and thought it was about time to make some more.  To finish off my background for this card I distressed it with some Versa Magic Pumpkin Spice Ink.  I added Fun Flock to the center of the flowers to add more texture.  I stamped the flowers more of the vintage paper, but when I went to color them the print started to run, so I sprayed them with "Work Fixative" (you can get it at a local craft store that sells artist supplies).  Then I was able to color them with my copics. 


Well I hope yo forgive me for such a long post.  So much to tell you though!  Have a great Sunday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

First Annual "March of the Snowmen" Blog Hop

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to introduce to you the first annual "March of the Snowmen" Blog Hop!  I love snowmen images and so do all the other designers participating in this blog hop.  This talented group of ladies has planned some sensational snow flurried projects for you.  So before I list my own mini march of snowmen projects let me introduce you to our designers!  Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of my post before you start hopping though, because I'm giving away TWO blog candy packages!!  And check out each designers blogs carefully for MORE blog candy announcements!

Melisa Waldorf - You are here now

Snowman Project #1 was designed using a vintage FREE digi download from a challenge blog : Digital for Tuesday Challenge Blog.  They post a FREE vintage digi image each tuesday for you to design with.  The blog is sponsored by Clearly Vintage.  The owner sales vintage stamp sets that are wonderful.  So I wanted to take a minute to share this wonderful find with all my vintage lovin' friends.  I also designed this project for another challenge blog : Sunday Postcard Art.  When I can I have been playing along with challenge blogs for inchies, ATC's, collage, mixed media recently.

A postcard is 4" x 6".  I started with a piece of cardboard, tore away some of the surface to reveal the "ripples".  I layered on Weathered Wood Crackle Paint, then Sky Making Memories Acrylic Paint and lastly Picket Fence Crackle Paint.  I colored my image with Prismacolor pencils and OMS.  I add Shimmerz.  My "snow" is liquid applique.  I love that stuff!  I add a little white fun flock around the brim of the girls hat and Stampendous Prisma glitter to feather and ball on tip of girls hat.  All the other embellishments are things I picked up in the Christmas section of a local arts and crafts store. 

Snowman Project #2 was created using a wonderful vintage cut out by Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage line of products.  I'm gonna be giving this one away at a Cookie Swap tomorrow night that is held annually by some of my Scrapbooking buddies here in town.

Snowman Project #3 was created using "Gifts of Love" by FireCracker Designs by Pamela.  You can check this set out HERE.  I love Martha Stewarts Snowflake border punch!  Perfect for you winter cards.

Snowman Project #4 features "Snowman Nativity" by The Angel Company.  I created my own watercolor background for this one, then stamped and embossed the snowflakes creating my own DP.  This is a Score-pal card, Cami card.  You can find the directions on the Scor-pal site.  If you are interested in ordering this set online from a TAC demo, let me know.  I can hook you up!  I'm hoping one of the designers in the hop show cases "Merriest Wishes".  It is one of the cutest snowman sets I have EVER seen!

The window creates a great card!

Here is another project using "Snowman Nativity" for Project #5.  I loved these little guys soooo much, I couldn't help creating a home decor project so I could sit them out on a table and enjoy them.  I used old wood stamp blocks as my base.

Blog Candy Packages for 2 Lucky Winners!


To qualify for blog candy all you have to do is leave me a comment with your email address included.  You have until 8pm EST Sunday December 6th.  At that time I will draw 2 names to win the above blog candy.  I will post the winners by 9pm EST.  Good Luck ladies!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the hop and are inspired to create your own snowmen projects to bring some winter cheer to your home or to someone else's mailbox this year!
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