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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mini Album #5 : Altered Lunch Pails - Doggy Diary's

Hello Paper Crafters.  I have soooo many projects from way back when I wasn't blogging that I would like to gradually work into my blog and this is just one of them!  

These are some of my all time favorite projects featuring our pups.
My husband and I each got a pup when we turned 40.  Our kids were growing up and didn't seem to need us as much, so we wanted more babies, without the bottles and diapers, teehee.  So I had this idea to create them doggy diaries.  And the Basic Grey lunch pails were really big back then.  The idea was that I would store, their breed papers, vet records, and favorite photo's in them.

Ok I admit it.  I have a slightly unhealthy relationship with my pups.  I adore them.  They have never been boarded.  I have a rule, that if the dogs can't go, I don't go, teehee.  With the exception of 1 time, either my husband and I have been with them over night.  Only once have we went away and left them with someone else, daughter, and I called frequently.

And of course I needed a few accesories to go along with them!

Boy is this a bad photo.  It was taken years ago.

If you have pups, I hope you are inspired to create your own special doggy diaries!

You can view all of my Altered Projects HERE
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