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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Home Sweet Home ...

Hello friends.  I'm feeling a little sad.  My daughter found a teaching job in Colorado and will be moving mid July and getting her first apartment, her own little home sweet home.  I am going to miss her so much.  But that's the way it works .... they grow up and move away.  I have been praying for God's will to be done in her life, which is hard because I couldn't help but selfishly hope that His answer would be that she couldn't find a job there and might have to stay in TX with us.   She will be teaching a 5th grade class and she is so excited, making plans for the move and for her class room.  These kids will be so blessed to have her as a teacher.  It will be a long trip to move her.  But it will be fun to go with her and help her get settled in her new apartment.

On a happier note ....
Today  I'm sharing another DT for The Cutting Cafe.  The theme this week is houses.  We got to choose between using "House Shaped Card" cutting file or the "Welcome Home" printable stamp set.  I went with paper piecing again.   I was dying to use my new 6 x 6 paper pad by My Mind's Eye (In Bloom) that I had picked up at Michaels.

There will be lots of inspiration using these files over on the TCC Blog tomorrow.  She usually gets the post up by late afternoon.  You can check it out HERE.

Paper Piecing Info
I used the PDF printable stamp set files for this project.  Several images come on 1 PDF page, but I only needed to use a single image on a page.  I followed Regina's instructions found HERE, on how to select and print just one image on a PDF page.

1. Print the image as a draft. The image will be positioned in the center of the page.
2. Trim a piece of patterned paper a size that will cover the image ... making it longer than needed.
3.  Lay the patterned paper over the draft image with the excess over the top of the image.
4.  Run light tack tape along the top of the patterned paper to secure it in place and keep any corners or edges from jamming up your printer.
5. Print and then remove the patterned paper.  Use the same draft and do it again with a new piece of patterned paper.

I ended up printing mine out on 3 pieces of pattern paper, white (to use as a base ... something to glue the pieces to), and cream (used inside windows).

To decided how to cut .... look at the image in sections.  This one has more detail than I usually deal with.  Begin by piecing the windows and doors.  

Door / Stairs : Trim the yellow door leaving excess along the bottom to glue the stairs to.  Set it aside. Windows : Trim the pink for the window on the roof first, leaving extra paper around the edges to glue the trim to.  Cut the actual window from yellow patterned paper then trim out the panes and adhere it to cream cardstock.  Adhere this to the first piece.  Do the same for the other windows.

House base : Trim pink side of the house and chimney out.  Trim the grey roof flush to all sides.  Trim the scalloped eave with extra paper left along the top so you can adhere it under the edge of the roof.

Now just adhere the roof over the pink house, then add the windows and door.  Don't forget about the trim for the chimney.

Hope you are having a fabulous week!!

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