Monday, February 15, 2010

Paper Flower Tutorial #2

It's time for anoter Just My Sketches Challenge!  Hop over and check out the sketch and 5 songs that Deanne has provided for inspiration!  I was inspired by "Thank You" by Dido.  I was actually inspired by several of the songs, but didn't have time to create more cards with them.  Maybe I'll post another one next week.  Check out what Deanne is giving away to one of our lucky participates this month.

So, I couldn't find any flowers in my stash to match the colors on this card.  Luckily I have my flower punches to rescue me!  I also didn't have the right color paper to punch, so I used the same copics I colored the dress with to create the perfect match for this card.

Paper Flower Tutorial #2

Notice that punch #3 has 3 flowers and one is
larger than the other 2.
For the first or larger flower, use 2 of the flowers from punch #2.  You will also need one of the smaller and  the larger of punch #3.  Begin by creasing the flowers from Punch #3.  Fold it in 1/2 as shown below both ways.

Layer, adhere, rotate, and fluff. 

To create the smaller flower, start with Punch #1.  You will need 2 of these.  Fold this on in 1/2 both ways as well, so that the sides of each petal is curved inward.  Now, use tweezers as shown below to fold the tip of each petal under.  Now pinch each petal as needed, layer the two of them, and adhere.

Create the center using 2 of the smaller flowers from Punch #3 and the shaping technique as used on Flower #1.  Layer and adhere!

As I said in yesterdays Flower Tutorial (scroll down if you missed it) if you have flower punches, you always have matching flowers for your project!


AmethystCat said...

what a beautiful project! and thanks for the tip on the flowers!

Unknown said...

awesome tutorial!

Unknown said...

Melissa, I love your card! This is a beautiful example of the sketch! I am so in love with vintage, and you did a wonderful job! WTG!

Anonymous said...

I've been such a bad blogger lately, trying to get around to peoples blogs has been terrible for me! Sorry about that.

Just scrolled through your blog, and wow your stuff is gorgeous! Way to go hun. I'll be sure to try and stop by often!!!

Fink said...

I love the flowers and thanks for showing all the details of how you did it!

Lesley said...

Your card is beautiful Melisa!!!

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