Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inchy by Inch Challenge : B

Hello Inchy Fans!

I decided that I needed a way to be able to sit my Inchies out and show them off, so I bought these little wood inchy blocks and I will be adding them as I go along! I'll have to show them to you once I get a few done!

Here is last weeks challenge to use the letter B.

1" x 1"

Stamp Set : Magenta

Colorization : Copics
Hey did you notice I figured out how to photograph better Inchy photo's??

I finally fiqured out if I set my camera on the Macro setting I got MUCH better photo's!

Just a little tip in case anyone else is struggling with this issue.

I'm sooo excited and can't wait to do the letter "G". Some one loaned me a Great "G" stamp!!
See ya next week with the letter "C".

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